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Share beautiful photo albums with family and friends.

Simple And Clear

Clean design and explanatory text help you get things done with minimal fuss.

All Together Now

Photos from all your important events in their own albums.

Share. Simply & Safely.


Add photos from your phone or tablet into an album, like ‘Birthday’ or ‘Wedding’.


Put your own spin on events with comments and details about each picture.


Email your album as a small PDF file, sent only to the people who you want to see it.

More Features

Making photograph albums of your important events is simple and fast. For each photograph in an album it's easy to add titles and comments. We've kept things simple to allow you to use the App one handed. Name and edit albums or delete as required. Photographs from either the camera or gallery can be incorporated into albums.

Clear icons and explanatory text help the App get out of your way and get things done with minimal fuss. Behind the scenes the App compresses the photographs to reduce their size, so they don't take up as much valuable storage. When you're done with your PDF files, just delete them from the App.

We've kept the process of sharing albums with friends and family easy. Since albums with many or large photographs are made smaller, they can be shared over email without sending huge files to family or friends. Sending an album is a cinch with ShowBeen contact groups. Once created, just pick a group to share with, retaining total control over who sees your precious memories. Albums are converted into PDF format automatically, ready to send.

Our Philosophy

We know that photographs are precious and personal.

ShowBeen exists to help you share important events without giving ownership of your content to third parties or having to surrender control over who sees it.

Content remains yours and you control who you send it to.

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ShowBeen can be yours, today.

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If you have any questions, queries or suggestions about ShowBeen, please feel free to contact us.

You can reach our friendly team of humans at info@showbeen.com

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